Come Get Your Spin Cycle On…

Who says being in the laundry room can’t be sexy! One day this week, why don’t you take your man or women into the laundry room and show him /her just how exotic and fun you could be with our first weekly sex position. Comments, Likes, & Shares Are Much Appreciated … Xoxo Best Wishes […]

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Spice Up Your Life Roll Play

Every marriage or relationship could use some fun play time. This weekend, I dare you Ladies And Gents to get sexy by picking your favorite spice girl and using your best Spiced Up London Accent. To get your sexy on. We go through our lives living so seriously. We constantly let our sex lives fall […]

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Back Room Ice Down

Please Be Advised This Story is only for viewers of 18 and up. This story does have x rated content. After a long week in Coble Town, Sally Birchwood was working her third shift of the week at the, Ice Palace. She was so sick and tired of working endless hours trying to make ends […]

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me… This blog is for all the women out there that spend their days pining over all of their struggles, never getting a break. Here are some Super Sexy Mini Stories to help you not to just get in the mood but to help take your mind off of life as you […]

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