Back Room Ice Down

Please Be Advised This Story is only for viewers of 18 and up. This story does have x rated content.

After a long week in Coble Town, Sally Birchwood was working her third shift of the week at the, Ice Palace. She was so sick and tired of working endless hours trying to make ends meet. The pure exhaustion from being a single mother of three that has to work three jobs to surive, was killing her, slowly. Then at the end of each day, she still never had enough money to cut back on work. She just kicked out her no good ex Devin for the final time, after she caught him in the garage playing Tickle Her WhoHa, with the nanny!

It wasn’t like they were having any sex or working on their future any way. It had been months since they touched each other. In fact, the pure look of his face made her sick. The constant whining, lieing, and cheating from him, left her with a bitter taste of hate in her mouth. He had become a giant man child that drained her bank account and never produced anything but drama.

Just 9 months earlier they had their newest son Thomas. Thomas was a complete, Oops baby! Her and Devin were separated for two years when Thomas was conceived. It was one random weak drunken moment of disappear on Sally’s part. Sally didn’t regret her son, as all of her children brought her joy. She just wished they didn’t come from that giant dingle berry that she called their Father. In reality, he really was more like the sperm donor that popped in and out then an actual dad. A life time of mistakes spent with him but at least she had such wonderful children.

Devin and Sally grew up together they were both a little fast as kids but without the proper support system they both were able to do whatever they wanted. Which lead to them doing, just that. Somehow, she always fell back with him no matter how hard she tryed to stay away though. Although, This time she vowed it would be her last.

At this particular moment, Sally was sitting at the counter glazing into the ceiling watching this spider thats been spinning a web over the last week. She thought to herself “I know I should brush that web down but I literally can not move one more step and on the other hand she knew how hard the spider worked to build it.” She just didn’t have the heart to knock it down.

The kids were at her mother Rita’s house and she already worked a long shift yesterday at the Penny Pub till 2 am. She woke up this afternoon with just enough time to throw on some clothes and swing the kids over to Rita’s house. Only to find out when she reached the Ice Palace that the soft ice cream machine was broke and she had to work almost a double shift waiting for the repair man, as he wouldn’t be able to get there till 10 pm. Which was about 2 whole hours after the shop closed. With disgust she threw herself down on a bucket in the back waiting for the bell to ring for the next customer.

To her surprise luckily enough for her it was a slow night. All for the better to, that meant she had less people to talk into eating the scoopable ice cream and a chance for her to catch up on some relaxation which she desperately needed.

It seemed like everyday was jam packed of all these motherly obligations that just crept out of no where to ruin her happy existence. She loved being a mother but man oh man, something had to let up. She lived in a tiny apartment where she spent almost 425 sexless nights looking up at the ceiling, listening to her hot ass neighbor Baron bang the hell out of a different girl every night.

The crazy thing is in all of her spare moments that was literally all she could think of anymore. So, lonely and full of pressure, every night she’d lay in bed touching her self thinking of all the dirty little things Baron was doing over there.

Who had time for relationships or meeting new people. Sally was so sick of the endless relationship drama that became her life. She knew Baron had flirted with her before and it would be so easy to slip right into his bed.

The thing was being a single mom she didn’t want to, shit where she ate. Screwing the next door neighbor was just asking for trouble. So, instead she would stare at him from a distance and think about ripping all of his clothes off, while slowly licking his ridiculously tight abs. Then vigorously being spun and pressed up against a car, while he rubbed his bulging pants up against her thigh. The thought made her wet and full of anticipation everytime. Then she would snap out of it and go about living her life.

This was her life, she spent more then half her time all hot and bothered dreaming of having her world rocked and the rest feeling like she was the only person in the world. Working everyday while her insides and dreams shriveled up and died.

In reality, Sally thought “Isn’t that the average life of a single hard working women, no work or play, while struggling for survival.” She knew it didn’t have to be her life, she could always move back home with her mother to the basement but what good would it do for her. Sure less bills maybe even less pressure but she knew if she went back she’d never escape again. It took everything she had the first time.

The door bell finally rings, causing Sally to snap out of her head and refocus on reality. She then says ” Welcome To Ice Palace, how can I help you?” As she turned the corner to walk over to the register there she was Molly McMary, with her high school sweet heart Kyle Epenstien and their blessed little bundle of joy Samara. “Sally, Is That You?” says Molly. Sally replied “why yes it is, long time no see Molly.”

Molly and Sally were best friends till one day Molly just started hanging out with another crowd in 9th grade. Under it all Sally was always angry with how Molly just up and left her in the dust. They were best friends since kindergarten and Molly never seemed to even look back or care about Sally’s feelings.

Angrily, Sally collected their ice cream order to get rid of them, as quickly as possible. The sight of Molly and her perfect little stuck up family made her sick. It was never a question that Molly would have it all. Sally on the other hand had nothing given to her but problems her whole life. She had to work for every thing and it killed her no matter how hard she tried, her kids would probably have to do the same.

After Molly left the store she didn’t see anymore business and time went by so fast but it was finally time to clean up and close down. That’s the one thing about all the pressure that Sally went through everyday that actually worked for the best. She could take all that pressure and put it into making things spotless. So, she scrubbed and scrubbed waiting for the maintenance man to arrive.

They usually had Old Man Roger work on the machines when they went down but apparently he was away and his nephew was running the business in his absense. Aggressively cleaning, she finally heard the knock at the door. Sally took off her gloves and head to the door and to her surprise Old Man Rogers Nephew was quite the looker.

“Hello Miss, my name is Neil” he said. “I’m here to fix your ice cream machine.” Sally stuttered for a moment with her words because all she could think of was how hot he looked in that tool belt, then replied. “Hello, Im Sally. Nice to meet you the machine is back here.”

As they went to walk into the back Neil tripped over the mop bucket and kicking water every where. Sally quickly schreaked “UGH” with dismay as Neil quickly apologized they both went to pick up the bucket only to bump their heads into eachother. Sally says out load, “Wow, aren’t you the clumsy one, please I have this just fix the machine, so I can go home. This has been a horrible day and I have work again tomorrow at 9 am!”

Neil apologized and immediatly started to work, on the machine while Sally remopped the floor. Some time passed and it became clear not only was Neil clumsy but he was one hell of a crappy mechanic. She finally finished cleaning and decide with all of her frustration to work on a crossword puzzle she had sitting around for the last week when she hear’s “OH MY GOD, Help, Help I, I Messed Something Up, It won’t stop..”

Naturally, Sally rushed to the back together they both pressed every button, and pulled on every knob to try to turn the machine off. The soft serve ice cream machine had come alive and gone wild. With no time to grab a bucket they both slipping and covered with ice cream realized the only option was to pull the plug.

What a task that would be, those machines were jammed in so tight to eachother up against that wall. Together, they started dismantling the top part of the machines one by one, giving sally just enough room to bend over the bottom of the machines to reach over to reach the plug with all of her stretching ability.

Sally now bent over the counter trying to reach the plug asked Neil to hold her by her waste so she didn’t fall and not let go. Then as Neil’s hands wrapped around her hips and the pressure he put on her legs by his got tighter. Her lower region sent off every alarm in her body. How nice it felt to have a man hold her.

Still reaching she noticed Neil had also been turned on by their frivolous acts coated in ice cream and now somehow Sally felt so turned on and couldn’t help but pretend to reach just a few extra seconds while she tried to collect herself and cool down.

Finally, she pulled the plug as she thought ” Oh dear god, give me the strength to not spin around and jump him. I need to keep my composure.” As she spun around Neil quickly tried to cover himself up and ask for the bathroom. Feeling relieved yet still shook she gave him directions. As he started to walk away, he slipped in the pile of ice cream on the floor. Sally attempted to grab him before he fell but only end up going down, with him.

Slopped with ice cream and all twisted up Sally could feel how tight Neil’s pants had become. Neil, apologized again in embarrassment and looked over to Sally as he wiped the ice cream off of her face. When suddenly, it was the final restraint she had left. The feel of his hand on her skin and his tightly wrapped hard penis by her leg, she felt like a tiger as she frivilously grabbed Neil’s face and kissed him.

Neil didn’t waste anytime as they rolled around on the floor coated in the ice cream kissing each other like teenagers. He then, kissed her neck down to her belly button and back up as he unbuttoned her shirt. Kissing her neck slow and sexy, like it was as if nothing in the world mattered. Sally had given every last bit of her soul to being a good hard working women and at that moment she decided this was her reward.

As they wrestled through the sticky and sweet cream that was rubbed all over them. They finished undressed eachother. It felt like a movie and she couldn’t believe how fast it was all going. Suddenly she felt his fingers slide up inside her, very wet and sticky self.

Illuminated with the vigorous tinkle of his fingers, she reached for his hard yet very real penis. As they quick, quick, slow, quick, quick, slow rubbed eachother as they moaned as if they had never been touched before. Sally felt her self pull and push his penis up inside her.

All she could think is how long she had longed for that manly dirty touch. The heat radiating off of them was cooled by the ice cream all over them but it felt amazing. As they slipped on and off of eachother, as if they were lubricated themselves. As they thrusted back and forth, suddenly all of the built up pressure from life as she knew it, felt like it was exploding out of her! As she moaned with such content and satisfaction, for the first time in so long she wasn’t just some ones employee or mother she was a woman satisfying her needs.

As they finished up slipping and sliding all over the dirty floor. With a kiss, Neil, says “Sally, you are the sweetest thing, I ever placed my tongue on.” And she replied with ” your pretty sweet yourself!”

Slowly, they managed to pull themselves off each other and began to clean the place up. Luckily, Neil was able to find the problem and fix the machine and before they left the Ice Palace Sally said to Neil “you know, I have some plumbing issues in my apartment. Are you any good at plumbing?” He then replied, “Absolutely, but I can’t promise I won’t get you a little wet, in the process.” She then replies ” Oh, I’m Planning on And when you do I’ll show you, how well I know how to work them pipes!”

The Mysterious Val-Lyn Dino


25 thoughts on “Back Room Ice Down

      1. You’re writing more right? I’ve we down written a series called Tara’s Passion, I would love your womanly point of view.

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    1. Lol thank you very much. I wanted it to have the realistic cause and effect of real life pressure and how just because life is hard and we all prioritize and serve our needs last doesn’t mean we have to kill ourselves and starve with out effection. To me, Sally is an everyday women with the same yearning desire to embrace life and be pleased no matter the case. Which I felt also built a sexier appeal because there was nothing left to hold back her spirit. She needed a recharge no matter how dirty she had to get and in a reveled moment of exhaustion and built up pressure Neil was able to blow her mind leaving her reenergized and ready for more. I think it really builds up the sex appeal. 😘 Hope you check back in my next short story !

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